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Bright Eyes

You always stand out above the rest
Shining so bright
with those eyes
that took my heart
long ago

You are my peace and serenity....

Bright EyesCollapse )

I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day. Mine was good but busy. I know I have been MIA recently...so much to take care of and not a lot of time to do it. I am thinking of you all and hoping you are well


Always Remember

Standing in a field of color
looking towards the horizon
take a breath
and feel the cool air
absorb into your body
taking away all the pain
and worry that consume your
thoughts every minute of the day

Take a moment
and remember
we hold the power
to our own

For johnthecamera

A picture for you my dear friend....
every time the sunrises
and sets
i know you are shining down upon us
showing off the beauty
that will always live inside you

The Power of SerenityCollapse )

For marymoon

Words can not describe how much I adore you..
I wish you knew how much I wanted to be there to celebrate
your special day
I miss you and love you very much...

This is only a little bit of my gift to you..
the rest will rest in your arms through the USPS..hehe

Happy Birthday my wonderful friend....

For MJCollapse )


Summer Days at the lake
swimming around and jumping off rocks
kicking and splashing friends
and just being

RememberingCollapse )

My Love

Sweetly as he encompasses me now
Among the autumns brown tints of gold
while his smile all that memories allow.
In those dreams that once foretold.

Autumns Silken EmbraceCollapse )

Welcoming The Season

Autumn is finally here :-)

And I couldn't be happier *weeee*
This was taken right outside my home...I love looking at the leaves on the ground

Autumn 2005Collapse )

There it is

The road that will lead us to our unknown
Will we walk the same path?
Or separate and meet up again someday

What lies ahead for you?
What is in store for me?

Only walking this rocky road will tell
of our future
and how bright it can be

are you ready?

Are you readyCollapse )

Just because

My little one and I found these HUGE leaves while walking around the park the other day and they still had some dew drops on them...so of course I took a picture. I like this the most because fallen leaves with water drops, cliche as it is, are so elegant to me...so here is a picture :-)

Tears of a fallen leafCollapse )

Dragon Fly on Fire

Took a little adventure this weekend with my little one. He pointed out this incredible beauty that was so red, I couldn't believe it. He said "mama look, the dragon fly is on fire"....

Dragon Fly on FireCollapse )

What a mess!

I don't understand what is happening here...it seems I am falling apart and it's all crashing at once

this is how my day is going and it's only 7:49am

  • when putting on my clothes this morning I noticed in one of my favorite pair of jeans that I had a hole in crotch

  • the bra I was planning on wearing also had a huge hole around the nipple part...a very suspicious jezebel might be the cause for this

  • I changed my pants and then managed to spill coffee on said new jeans, now I have a nice stain on the knee

  • favorite brown sweater has a nice hole in the arm pit, not sure why or how it got there

  • noticed the button to the pocket on the back side of pants that I changed into is falling off and now a little hole is forming there

I'm not sure what's going on here..my clothes are not THAT old, except for maybe the first pair of jeans I put on this morning. I'm such a mess LOL

Happy Friday to you all, what is going on for the weekend?

OH and did my last picture show up at all? I didn't upload it onto my web server so I used photobucket...first time using it :-)